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compare prices of hundreds of different online markets

List of the best applications for the browser for profitable online shopping

Everyone knows that making purchases on the Internet can be much more profitable than at common stores. Those who make purchases online are aware of how many coupons, promotions, discounts, etc. are proposed in the network. It will be a rather troublesome to keep track of everything, and it’s unrealistic to compare prices of hundreds of different online markets. To make it possible and did not spend too much time on it, it is reasonable to download one or several tools for online shopping and the application will do all the work.

The list includes some of the best online applications for Chrome, Firefox, Opera and others. With the help of these items, users can not only save a lot of money, but also become more advanced shoppers, they will have much more free time, as all the search and price comparisons will make the chosen tool.


A very useful instrument that displays the lowest costs for a thing that the user is viewing. For example, if to open a page with a certain product from Amazon, InvisibleHand will inform the user whether he can buy this product on another site at a more reasonable price. InvisibleHand supports more than 200 vendors from USA, United Kingdom and Germany. Moreover, using this app, each can find not only the cheapest things, but also the most profitable flights from different sites.


This tool is alike to InvisibleHand and primarily in the fact that it shows the lowest prices for the given products. Moreover, PriceBlink supports more than 3,000 sellers. The tool also informs users about the coupon and shipping codes that can be used for purchases from the current seller. With this option, each can make even more profitable purchases. In addition, it can find out the rating of the products, which will help to decide more quickly what exactly to choose.

Shopping Buddy

It shows the users right in the omnibar search bar the rating of the stores they visit. Purchaser can read customer reviews be by clicking on the ratings icon. Thus, if the buyer wants to be sure of the reliability of the seller chosen by him, this application will help in this. The app will also allow being aware of whether the seller is suggesting great discounts for Google Checkout using by reporting through a notification. Moreover, each user will be provided with exhaustive information about promotions and the minimum required purchase amount.

Craigslist Helper

If the buyer wants to go beyond the normal viewing of images on Craigslist, which can be done thanks to the above-described extension, Craigslist Helper is more suitable for making purchases this way.
This is an excellent tool for shopping on Craigslist, which includes the following options:
• Thumbnails and preview
• Preview the advertisement – shows the ad information without first clicking
• Notifications about the appearance of a new advertisement, corresponding to the parameters specified in the search
• The ability to take notes on ads is a good way to mark all the details of the purchase and other necessary information
• Ignore and cover out ads, and user will never see them again
• Places ads in the black list containing the specified keywords
• and much more.

The Camelizer

Using this tool, each one can learn about price changes in various online stores, such as Best Buy, Amazon, Newegg, etc. It helps to determine whether the price is “suitable”, since the tool tracks changes of the price of a given item over a long period of time. Plus, this data will not be intrusive, as they are only appear by clicking on the extension icon in the search bar.

The Best Price

After installing this app, a corresponding button appears on the browser panel, using which each can compare prices in real time. The item works with 300 online sellers and notifies through a button in the browser about the appearance of a more favorable price for a given product. If to click on the extension button in browser, a window with three color icons will open:
• green – the goods are sold at a better price on another site
• blue – the price is the same as in other online stores
• orange – on other sites prices are higher
These icons can be used to quickly find out whether the proposed price is profitable.


It helps make online shopping more productive by equipping each page with the product with a navigation menu. This is a very convenient option, as it allows to quickly find the right thing not requiring to scroll the entire page all the time. Each can remove content that is uninteresting from the menu. Compass will definitely help to save a lot of time.

Boo.Ly Shopping

This is a multifunctional tool that works as a personal shopping assistant. With it, customer can compare the prices of goods, learn about special offers and participate in promotions, find coupons and just save a great amount of money. The application works with thousands of Internet sites, including Google, Amazon, Yahoo and Bing. In the search results, user will see a small label with the letter “b”; by clicking on it a window with options and additional information will appear.


Window Shopper informs about things with a reduced price on various sites. It covers more than 130 million items of various categories. User just needs to click on the “Look Like” button on his favorite online store site to activate the Window Shopper and see identical and similar products. Each can also click on the Stores tab to get a list of all stores that sell this item.


This item gives the opportunity to compare prices, learn about their changes and to subscribe to get a notification of a decrease in the cost of any good. A toolbar appears in Firefox, which can “track” the needed product in most online stores, including Walmart, Amazon and Best Buy. The application still works with such search systems as Yahoo, Google and Bing. Moreover, the user can use the website to find the desired things and compare their universal code, article, title and URL.

Internet users who have not tried online shopping yet, after installing one of these useful applications, will surely want to try, because using it each can find many purchases at more affordable and attractive prices.