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primary purpose is to keep track of each dollar you spend

Track Your Finances to Avoid Debts

At first gaze, it seems that it is easy not to fall in debts, just calculate your expenses and that is all! Nevertheless, this is a question of major concern for everyone who is up to eyebrow in debt. When you have lots of credits, it is really difficult to start a new life without all these debts. The overarching target of this review is to discern about all methods, allowing you to forget about the meaning of the word “debt”.

Top Apps to Control Expenses

As far as we live in the epoch of digital technologies, there are lots of applications allowing you to control your expenditures. Their primary purpose is to keep track of each dollar you spend on one or another thing. As a result, you’ll see how much you spend on cafes or restaurants or some other activities and change the way you control the purse strings.

1. BillGuard

This is a very popular application to monitor your finances. Through the use of this program, you can monitor your spending as you want – by type, date or even location. Besides, it also allows you to view your credit reputation.
The average price is around $80 per year. You can install it on iOS or Android device.

2. DollarBird

Collaborative finance in a smart calendar for families. This app also allows you to calculate your expenses by categories. You can also indicate your total income and write down your daily expenses. The app is compatible with iOS and Android. Besides, it is absolutely free.

3. Fudget.

The program is for those who want to keep everything organized. If your primary purpose is to monitor short-term budgets (like the expenditures for holidays or various events), this app will comply with your requirements. Available in iTunes and Google Play and Microsoft Store.

4. Goodbudget

This budget software helps keep you accountable to the goals you set, allowing you to live out a budget that truly reflects what’s important.
Here, you can easily set your budget according to convenient categories. There is a total free and paid version. The average price is around $45 per year. The app keeps the information about your expenses for five years.

5. LearnVest

With this service you’ll get a strategy for everyday spending that helps you save for future goals Using a combination of proprietary software and a real human planner, LearnVest give you a personalized plan plus ongoing support to help you make progress on your money.
Having installed this application for controlling expenses, you can categorize them by different types. LearnVest started for free, but the service is not cheap – $20 per month, also it has lots of positive feedback.

As you see there are lots of software products that allow you to control your finances. When you control each dollar, you will see how much money you spend and will have a chance to improve your financial state in the near future. This is a key factor for those who don’t want to live with debts.
Another important rule is not to overpay for the things. You can make use of the services of cheaper life or home insurance, try to eat at home and avoid buying unnecessary products.

Nevertheless, you can control your budget each month but no one is impervious to mistakes or life circumstances. In some instances, you may need a definite sum right now but the nearest salary will be in several days. Besides, it is not convenient to borrow money from your friends or relatives. In this case, it is much better to defer to the services of cash advance, offered by – a reputable online service, allowing you get the required sum almost immediately.

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At first gaze, it seems to be that cash advance has extremely high percentage rate. Nevertheless, if you pay them on time, you won’t face any issues. Besides, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t control your expenses!